Meet Your Guides 

All our guides live locally and enjoy sharing their passion and knowledge about beautiful historic Akaroa with visitors. Scroll down to read more about Linda Sunderland, Annette LeLievre, Nigel Harrison and Géraldine Guillemot – Peacock .

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Linda Sunderland

Linda Sunderland is the owner of Akaroa Guided Walks. Linda descends from two of Akaroa’s first French settler families and a love for Akaroa runs deep in her soul. A stalwart member of the Comte de Paris Descendants Group. Linda greatly enjoys sharing her passion for Akaroa with visitors to the town, and will entertain you with tales of her ancestors’ epic journey to colonise remote New Zealand and the trials, tribulations and successes of the settlers’ ensuing life in Akaroa.


Linda is a lifelong citizen of Christchurch/Otautahi with family having lived in this region since 1840. Like many Cantabrians Linda’s ancestry is mixed with family arriving from France (1840), England, Scotland and Ireland. Their contributions to Christchurch have given Linda a firm footing on this land. Having lived and worked through the earthquakes and other events that have enveloped Christchurch, Linda is well placed to walk visitors through our streets and tell our stories. It will be her pleasure to do so.

Nigel Harrison

Nigel is a 5th generation local resident with an entrenched love of the history of Akaroa and Banks Peninsula.


His mother was one of the first custodians of the Akaroa Museum and the enthusiasm for  the area’s history has flowed down the generations.


Nigel is keen to share the many and varied stories of the history of Akaroa, both past and present.

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Annette LeLievre

The LeLievre family arrived in Akaroa in 1840 as part of a French plan to create the first colonial town in the South Island of New Zealand, and their story features in most of our tours.


Annette first became interested in the family history when her own children set to researching their genealogy and since then has taken a passionate interest, which she enjoys sharing with visitors to the town.

Géraldine Guillemot – Peacock

Originally from the Loire valley in France, Geraldine set foot in New-Zealand for the first time in 2009.


Her peregrinations in Aotearoa brought her coincidentally to Akaroa, not being aware of the existence of a French village on the other side of the world!


Since then, Geraldine has learnt a lot about Akaroa’s unique history, reading the original correspondences from the French early settlers and sharing the amazing stories with the direct descendants of the families who arrived on Le Comte de Paris in 1840.

As a guide, Geraldine is delighted to share her knowledge on this unexpected part of Aotearoa’s history with visitors, in English… ou en Français, bien sûr!